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Looking to discover the most unique places to visit in Europe? Want to hear more about some of the most beautiful and prestigious coastal destinations in Europe? Ready to create your own legendary experience? Good news - you've come to the right place. In this article, we're going to take a look at some of the very best countries across Europe. Below we'll cover where to go for a city break, a romantic getaway, a family or beach holiday, a cultural or gastronomic trip.


France is the perfect destination for lovers, history buffs, foodies, music, and culture lovers. Across the country, numerous cultural events, unique experiences, and more occur day after day. So where's best to visit?

Visit France Cote d'Azur

The French Riviera is the destination to put at the top of your bucket list. This pristine stretch of coastline on France's southern coast is home to yacht-filled harbors, sun-drenched beaches, and designer shops galore. Monaco, Nice, Cannes, and Saint Tropez all sit high on our to-visit list. It's not all about fast cars and new money here. The Cote d'Azur is also renowned for its excellent outdoor activities. Hiking, snorkeling, and scuba diving are three of the most popular recreational activities in the region.

When you've finished visiting some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, it's time to head inland! The capital of Paris is an obvious choice. The city's museums, art galleries, and towering attractions are all good reasons to visit. Unique things to do in the "City of Love" include watching the sunrise over the Sacre-Coeur or taking a helicopter tour over the city. 

If you're drawn to the mountains and enjoy a spot of winter sport, add the French Alps to your bucket list. Here you'll find snow-capped mountains, verdant valleys, and glistening alpine lakes. 


Barcelona, Madrid, San Sebastian, and Ronda are all high on our list of favorite European cities. From the Basque Country in the north to the Canary Islands in the south, Spain has a heck of a lot to offer, and we're here for it all.

Visit Europe Spain

Art critics and culture vultures should make a bee-line for Bilbao on the north coast. This industrial port-city is one of Spain's leading art destinations and is home to the brand new Guggenheim museum. A trip to Market La Ribera, the oldest market in the region, should be on the cards too. While in the north, you'll be dining on pintxos, the northern equivalent of tapas.

Let's jump to the southern islands and visit Ronda, a mountaintop city and 15th-century town. The town is split across either side of a deep canyon, joined together by an ancient stone bridge that offers spectacular valley views. As far as stunning scenery goes, Ronda wins our vote.

If you opt for a beach break on the coast or southern islands, consider exploring them by boat.


Italy is, without a doubt, one of the most popular countries to visit in Europe. From the shores of Lake Como and Sicily's beaches to the Colosseum in Rome. The variety of landscape is outstanding.

Visit Europe Italy

Northern Italy is home to delights such as Verona, Florence, and Lake Garda. Southern Italy is home to a rocky Mediterranean coastline, colorful hilltop towns, and the stunning Amalfi Coast.

Foodies should head to the hills of Tuscany to sample the local grapes. Here you'll dine on home-made cuisine at traditional farmhouses. Similarly, Bologna in the north is a great destination to learn the history of bolognese! With so much ground to cover, we recommend picking a region, renting a car, and hitting the road.


Picturesque islands, stunning white-walled towns, and gastronomy that dates back to the 5th-century, Greece packs a punch. Greece is also one of the more affordable European countries. Your money will undoubtedly stretch further here than it might in Italy.

Visit Europe Greece

For your ancient history fix, we recommend a trip to Delphi, the center of the ancient world. Visit the Temple of Apollo and the Athena Treasury to soak up the ancient ruins. Similarly, Athens is one of the world's oldest cities and makes for a great history trip! A visit to the 5th-century Acropolis is a must when in the capital. 

Beach-bums should head to the Cyclades, a stunning island group in the Aegean Sea. Santorini and Mykonos are the two most visited islands in the archipelago, and both are home to charming town centers, traditional Grecian houses, and instagramable sunsets.


Malta might only be a small archipelago, but there's a lot to see and do here. The country is a delightful blend of several cultures. When visiting this Southern European island, you'll be exposed to European, Middle Eastern, and Sicilian influences. Whatsmore, Malta is affordable, and visitors can enjoy a multi-day trip without breaking the bank.

Visit Europe Malta

We'd like to start in Valletta, Malta's capital city and a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. The capital boasts baroque architecture, 16th-century buildings, and a harbor once owned by the Ottoman Turks. Once you've soaked up the capital's history, it's time to tackle the islands! Gozo is one of the most visited islands and can be accessed by boat or seaplane from the mainland. Here you'll find a small fishing community, traditional villages, and sweeping vistas of the Mediterranean Sea.

Other destinations of interest include the medieval "Silent City" of Mdina, the resort town of St. Julians (famed for its bustling nightlife), and Dwerja, a small commune on the west coast home to spectacular rock formations.

Europe is bursting with delicious gastronomic delights, electrifying nightlife, creative vibes, and booming art scenes. Europe is also an affordable continent, and traveling more for less is an attainable goal here. When it comes to booking your next European adventure, let FranceRent take care of your transfers, rentals, and activities on the ground.

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