Grasse - Perfumery and lands of flowers

The French Riviera or also called Côte d’Azur is located on the Mediterranean coastal region of the southeastern area of France. It offers a dozens of tourist spots that are simply wonderful to explore.​

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One of the most magnificent areas is Grasse, which is situated just 15 km from Cannes at an altitude of 300-400 meters. With a varied and extensive past, Grasse is a breath of fresh air in the luscious greenery of forests, caves, and mountains on the French Riviera.  A commune in France, Grasse Provence was the world’s perfume capital in the 19th century and has become one of the biggest tourist destinations.

This city is full of style and charm - from museums to astounding bits of adventure and nature, the list of places to visit in Grasse simply awaits you in this lovely French town. It is literally an olfactory odyssey for those who have a passion for amazing perfumes. 

Molinard, Fragonard, and Galimard are large perfumeries that offer free guided tours. The perfect way to enjoy these perfumeries is to take an opening workshop also known as “Make your own perfume”, offered at every one of them. You can make beautiful scented memories in a couple of hours as you get an insight into the creation process and also get a bottle of one of the perfumes you created. If you are planning to visit it in the summer, you would not want to miss the superb celebration of the Jasmine flower held annually in August and the rose exhibition held in May.

Additionally, if you are interested in learning a little more about the history of perfumes, then a visit to the Fragonard Museum is a must. This museum includes rare objects that cover the history of perfumes for more than 5000 years. It also displays more than a dozen major works by the painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard along with Jean-Baptiste Mallet and Marguerite Gerard. You can also visit the International Perfume Museum, which predictably, is all about perfume. This museum shows you the scent history through time and its role in society. Moreover, the museum also offers botanical gardens that are open to the large public.

Visiting perfumeries is only one of the best things to do in Grasse. You can also take the opportunity to explore the picturesque medieval streets of the city. From the classic French notes in the signage and architecture to little boutiques, this city is a real treat for taking photographs. Don’t miss Rue Jean Ossola, which is the main road of the old town and leads off several alleys and stairways. The walk from Place Aux Aires that moves down the slope of Rue Amiral de Grasse is a memory in itself. Whether you are enjoying these splendid views in rental cars or just strolling, you will still be impressed by this city’s wondrous sites. Also, it can get difficult to avoid indulgent retail therapy at the eccentric antique dealers, artisan shops, and clothing stores. 

One of the essentials stops is the 12th-century Cathedral Notre Dame De Puy, which feels just like a movie set. This cathedral set includes paintings by the great Baroque artist Rubens and Fragonard. You can also explore some amazing viewpoints like Place du Cours nearby the countryside. Those of you who like to travel over caves can descend up to 60 meters in depth in Trou du Curé or experience the Saint Sauveur waterfall. All these places can be reached simply by renting a car in Grasse at affordable rates. 

Since you are in a French city after all, it makes great sense to combine your old town strolls with a delicious and leisurely lunch at one of the best restaurants in Grasse.  A contemporary cafe near Fragonard, Café des Musées, serves excellent vegetarian food. Les Délicatesses de Grasse offers the sublime of local cheese, meats, and wine trays. You can also opt for Le Croissant Rose if you are on a budget. Lougolin Restaurant is another great option that offers panoramic view, seasonal recipes and local favorites like warm and delicious zucchini flowers stuffed with basil, ricotta, and tomato tartare, bound to satisfy your hunger. Furthermore, if you desire to dine out a bit on the stylish side, then La Bastide St Antoine, a Michelin-starred luxurious hotel, can also be taken into consideration. 
Eating and Exploring may be some of the best things to do in Grasse. However, if you want to enjoy the panorama over the rooftops of new and old Grasse, or simply admire the extensive view of l’Esterel and the coast through a scenic helicopter ride, you can book a private jet according to your budget. Again, the helicopter rental or private jet rental can be decided beforehand and booked accordingly to enjoy a hassle-free and unique experience of the French Riviera above Grasse Provence.

Surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches, this city gives you another great spot for relaxation and enjoyment of the magnificence of nature. You can choose a boat rental in Grasse like a sailboat rental, yacht rentals, or rent a simple boat in Grasse to take an adventurous ride on the sea. Furthermore, if you want to get a little higher and fancy,  you can book a private cruise and find the best options and prices to explore surroundings through a luxurious cruise trip.

Whatever mode of transportation you choose to reach Grasse and to experience the inter-city tour, fully enjoy and discover the rich history and adventurous spots of this sweet-smelling city of Europe. Go ahead and book your tickets for a memorable trip that you will cherish forever!

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