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From Nice to Saint-Tropez, there are all sorts of exotic beaches and towns to visit on the Côte d’Azur. Some people think that Saint-Tropez is just for American and European jet setters. And, while you may feel like a jet setter while cruising the sandy beaches of Saint-Tropez on the French Riviera, anyone can enjoy themselves in this hot vacation spot. If you’ve been thinking about taking a vacation at Saint-Tropez Beach, now’s the time. Saint-Tropez has glorious weather all year round, with mild winters and hot summers. So, there is no bad time to visit. ​

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One of the things you’ll need to think about is where to stay. There are all sorts of new hotels and beach clubs in Saint-Tropez. Some opened just this past summer. There are plenty of beach club Saint-Tropez have to offer. No matter where you choose to stay, there are plenty of places to visit in Saint-Tropez. You may want to fill your days with private tours with cars rented on the island. This way, you can go at your own speed and stop for as long as you like at some of the town’s sights. Or, you may opt to take a boat rental in Saint-Tropez and check out the different beaches on offer. For those of you a bit more daring, tour the French Riviera and check out the topless beaches. Some have been featured in popular films such as “And God Created Woman.” Despite the mayor’s attempts at shutting down these natural havens, they still persist today. Spend the day with a bit more freedom than you’re used to in the States and other countries. 

If you want to check out some other sights, take a sailboat rental and head over from St, Tropez to Nice for some interesting nightlife and dining. You can make a night of it, comparing the two beautiful vacation spots on the Côte d’Azur. If you want to check out the historic scenery, we recommend you rent a car in Saint-Tropez, so you get a good look at one of the first seaside resorts on the French Riviera. You can take pictures during your car ride in Saint-Tropez – take pictures of everything from the golden beaches to the blue waters. Your friends back home will surely be jealous when they see how you got to spend your days and nights in Saint-Tropez. If you want a local guide to show you the historic and beautiful sights, then check out the excursions available on St, Tropez. The local tour guides can tell you all about the best things to do in Saint-Tropez. Let the experts be your guide. 

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, than you can engage in a private jet rental so you can see the beautiful blue waters of the French Riviera from the sky. Or, take a private chopper over the beautiful island and get a 3,000-foot high view of the much sought after waters of the Côte d’Azur. There are no airports on Saint-Tropez, so this may be your only chance to take a leisurely ride over the island and its neighbors. You can check out the luxurious beaches of Nice and Saint-Tropez from the sky and then decide which beaches you want to check out later in the day. Helicopter rides are also a great way to see what other islands have to offer so you can get a real flavor for the best places in Saint-Tropez.

What would a trip to Saint-Tropez be without a day spent on the water? You may choose to spend the days laying on the beaches and soaking in the sun’s rays. Even people who have never been to the French Riviera have heard how wonderful the beaches of Saint-Tropez really are. But if you want to get a 360-view of the island, the best way to do that is to take a private tour with a boat. You can choose to rent a boat in Saint-Tropez. Or, if you want to treat yourself to a bit of luxury and glamour, then we suggest you take advantage of one of the many yacht rentals. Spend the day being pampered and treated like a King or Queen. This may be the best way to wrap up an already wonderful holiday or vacation. Get a view of the Mediterranean from the deck of a private yacht. Enjoy a few local cocktails served by your very own wait staff. Then continue your merrymaking when you get back to town.

Depending on the time of year, there are all sorts of exciting events in Saint-Tropez. If you’re heading to St. Tropez in May, you’ll get to observe and take part in their annual Les Bravades de Saint-Tropez celebration. This is where the locals honor their patron saint and celebrate their island’s military history. Or, if you choose to take your trip to Saint-Tropez toward the end of summer instead, you can be a spectator at the Saint-Tropez Regatta. Then you can whip over to Cannes if you have time. These are just some of the events that can make your vacation truly one of a kind.

A trip to Saint-Tropez on the French Riviera is something you’ll never forget. You really should treat yourself to a holiday in this beautiful seaside resort. You can spend lazy days on the beaches or venture out into the blue waters. You can take part in some of the town’s culture and history or just choose to travel on your own, enjoying all the island has to offer. We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief review of one of the majestic beach towns along the Côte d’Azur. You won’t regret your decision to check out this small gem along the French Riviera. Make sure to treat yourself to a boat or helicopter tour while on island. It’s something you’ll never forget.

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