Porquerolles - A unique island

The crescent-shaped island of Porquerolles is the largest of the three Illes d’Hyeres islands. You’ll find it off the southern coast of France, just a 10-minute boat ride from Hyers Port. This sun-soaked island is a true slice of paradise! Furthermore, the island offers a tranquil escape from the buzz of nearby Toulon and Saint-Tropez. Upon arriving on Porquerolles, you'll find very little road noise as cars on the island are few and far between. Instead, locals and visitors explore on foot or by bike! Days can be spent on the island exploring soft sand beaches, hiking the coastal trails, and taking to the Mediterranean Sea on a scuba diving excursion. ​

Porquerolles - A unique island

Île de Porquerolles
The island forms part of the Golden Islands and spreads out over 1,254 hectares of land. From the north coast of Ile de Porquerolles, you can enjoy spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. Holidaymakers can also enjoy views of France's southern coast stretching from Toulon to Ramatuelle. Also, the island’s location makes it an ideal stopover on a boating holiday along the French Riviera. You’ll notice a handful of million-dollar yachts moored in the port having arrived from the likes of Saint Tropez, Cannes, and Nice. 

Once on the island, you'll find a charming village home to several restaurants (a mix of fine-dining and casual eateries) and an array of accommodation. One of the most popular ways to explore the island is on two wheels, and you'll find several bike rental shops dotted around the port area. 

While the south side of the island is home to steep rocky cliffs and picturesque creeks, the northern side is home to soft sand beaches and turquoise tide pools. Whereas the west coast, known as the Langoustier peninsula, overlooks the nearby island of Petit Langoustier. Here you'll find several isolated beaches perfect for secluded sunbathing. Due to the island's rocky topography, the area has become a popular retreat for passionate hikers and nature enthusiasts. 

Porquerolles’s Best Beaches
There are plenty of beaches to choose from on Porquerolles, so we're going to narrow them down to our top two. Notre Dame Beach (Our Lady Beach) is a spectacular stretch of golden sand found on the island's north coast. We'd forgive you if you thought you'd been transported to the Caribbean when you arrive here! The gentle turquoise waters, bobbing fishing boats, and tree-lined bay all combine to create paradise. You'll find Notre Dame Beach a little off the beaten track, which makes touring the island by boat a popular past-time.  

Argent beach is another strong contender for the Porquerolles' Best Beach' title! Located just a short walk from the island's port and main village, Argent is home to silver sands and plenty of sunbathing space. This particular beach is one of the few on the island that boasts facilities. You'll find Le Restaurant La Plage D'Argent, which serves fresh seafood on the terrace overlooking the beach.

Alternatively, if you're spending a day in the center of town, Courtade beach is also popular due to its convenient location. You’ll find it just a short walk from the port. It’s the island's most significant sand beach. Because of this, the beach is ideal for picnics, swimming, and beach ball games.

Marine Life and the Cap de Mèdes
Porquerolles island's glorious beaches and incredible coastline make it a sought-after island, but it's also a popular scuba diving destination. The island is home to a wide variety of marine life, including yellow gorgonians, groupers, and pink anthias. On the eastern side of the island lies Cap de Medes. The cape is a haven for scuba divers of all abilities and is home to a variety of marine species, including plankton feeders, cardinalfish, and octopus.

Another popular dive spot is Le Greg shipwreck. The dive sit lies at a depth of 40 meters, and you'll find that the wreck is home to red and yellow gorgonians. This particular dive site is suitable for deep diving specialists. 

Hiking the Coast
However, if scuba diving isn't your favorite past-time, consider exploring the coast of Porquerolles on foot. The Paths of Porquerolles wind their way around the island. They undulating up to vantage points and down to secluded beaches. Pick up a map from the Tourist Office in the central village and follow one of the circuit routes. The distances are manageable and rarely extend longer than 10 kilometers. 

Porquerolles Heritage Sites
Porquerolles island is excellent for hiking, snorkeling, and sunbathing, but the island is also home to several historic sites. Fort St. Agatha sits atop the hill overlooking the island's port. From the top of the fort, visitors enjoy expansive views over the island. Initially built around 1531 for Francois the 1st, the fort replicated a rectangle trapezium.  Fort du Langoustier is another historical landmark attributed to the island. This fort sits on the south coast and is best viewed by boat from the sea. 

Last but not least, another must-visit attraction on the island is the local vineyards. Attmitidelly, vineyards are not quite a heritage site, but they’re definitely worth your time. Domaine de la Courtade, Damoaine Perinsky, and Domaine de L'Ile are the island's three vineyards, and guided tours are available at each. Visitors can also explore the grounds at leisure. Cycling from one vineyard to the next, sampling the local product as you go, is a great way to spend a day on the island.  

Porquerolles - A unique island

In summary, if you're looking to leave the bright lights of the French Riviera behind and enjoy a tranquil oasis, then without a doubt Porquerolles Island should be your next vacation destination. Getting here is easy thanks to the Iles d'Hyeres ferry crossing. The journey takes just 10-minutes. 

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